About Us

Kids InMotion Clinic

Kids InMotion provides Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy & Psychology on an individual basis at our clinic, in your home or at your child's school. 

Our team will work with you, your family and your child's teachers to establish achievable goals and ensure there is a coordinated approach to therapy. 

We provide therapy that is fun and enjoyable so that your child enjoys attending their therapy sessions.

We can help you if your child has:

  • Sensory Processing difficulties
  • Developmental delays
  • Autism (or ASD)
  • ODD
  • Learning Difficulties e.g. difficulty attending, organising
  • Difficulties because they are Gifted Children 
  • A physical disability such as Cerebral Palsy
  • Dyspraxia and Ataxia
  • Coordination difficulties 
  • Fine motor challenges such as, handwriting
  • Difficulties making and keeping friends
  • Difficulties regulating their emotions


Our Narellan clinic has a sensory gym which is used as part of an overall therapy program for children who have sensory needs 

Our Promise

At Life InMotion we understand that the best way to ensure our clients achieve their potential is to engage with you and your family. Our team work together with you and your family and/or network of support to provide the services that you need.

We are committed to providing services that  involve, strengthen, and support families. We value mutual trust, respect, honesty, and open communication.  

We have experience working with different cultures. We provide culturally sensitive  services and use interpreters as required.  

We are passionate about helping adults and adolescents in helping them achieve their goals, for a better LIFE! 

Your Rights

We respect and value the rights of every individual and ensure that we have strong policies and procedures in our business to maintain this.

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  • Privacy Policy
  • Feedback and Complaints Policy
  • Rights Policy
  • Service Access Policy
  • Service Management policy

Our Policies for download

If you would like to read through our policies please feel free to download them.

Advocacy & Information Service Delivery

To read about advocacy and service delivery please follow this link and read the attached PDF.